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The 10 Best Security Companies in Brakpan

  • 1 - 54%
    Laravis Architectural Construction CC - Brakpan

    7 Plain Street Kenleaf Ext 3 Brakpan. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1540 Show phone number

    We specialise in tiling, dry walling, renovations, additions, alterations, waterproofing, roofs, cornices, ceilings, built in cupboards and wardrobes, painting,...

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  • 2 - 48%
    ALF Electrical & Mechanical - Brakpan

    92 Anker Street Dalpark 1 Brakpan. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    ALF Electrical & Mechanical has been operational for over a decade.  ALF Electrical & Mechanical prides itself on its passion for quality deliverance - whether it is...

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  • 3 - 46%
    C F Services - Brakpan

    5 Pate street Brenthurst. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    C F Services has been in business since 2007. We believe our service and workmanship is the best, based on our customers responses to our work done for them. We...

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  • 4 - 41%
    Camunicomm cc /TA Securicomm - Brakpan

    117 Hamilton Ave. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Securicomm was established in 2009 as a small independent company with the idea in giving our clients a one stop solution in Telephony and electronic security all...

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  • 5 - 41%
    iTS Telecommunications cc - Brakpan

    64 Van der Walt Street Dalview. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    iTS Telecoms has been in existence since January 1989 in Cape Town and in 2001 we opened an office in the East Rand (Gauteng). Computer Networking & IT Solutions....

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  • 6 - 40%

    . Brakpan. Gauteng. 1549 Show phone number

    Do you need staff to be screened that commit fraud, steal, or hand out information about business to rival companies????. • Pre - employment screening: you can limit...

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  • 7 - 40%
    Hlamalane Projects, OHS, RPL Training - Brakpan

    45 Escombe Avenue. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    A great need of the above was identified via proper training in these fields for all employees.A great need for RPL (Recognition of prior learning) has been...

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  • 8 - 38%
    alcatraz electronic security - Brakpan

    64 kingsway ave cnr Kingsway cnr Gordon. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    ALCATRAZ SECURITY is a service and quality driven company.We offer our clients a professional service in consulting, installation and maintenance of electronic...

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  • 9 - 37%
    Fentech cc T/A Fencing Technologies - Brakpan

    Cnr Vlakfontein & 10th Street Withok Estates. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1540 Show phone number

    Fencing Technologies provides. the security-fencing sector, Fencing Technologies is involved in every stage. specific requirements. As specialists in. Supplies...

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  • 10 - 37%
    Spartan Recruitment Services - Brakpan

    712 Voortrekker Str Brakpan. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1545 Show phone number

    IntroductionSpartan Recruitment Services (also known as SRS) is a privately owned consultancy that provides a comprehensive range of solutions for the supply,...

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  • 37%
    Vandolph Group - Brakpan

    17 lower road brakpan, Minnebron. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Is your home as sophisticated as your car?You have probably come to expect a certain amount of comfort and simplicity from the automation features in your car....

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  • 37%
    Detection Design - Brakpan

    24 Goods Road Dalview. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1544 Show phone number

    Detection Design provide a single solution to fire detection and protection. Work outside of South Africa is also welcome. this provides you the client with a one...

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  • 37%
    G2G Electric Fencing - Brakpan

    15 Eeufees Ave 15 Eeufees Ave 15 Eeufees Ave. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1545 Show phone number

    Backed with one of the largest suppliers, I can provide you with a quality product and back up. A neat and proper installation is our aim, while providing...

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  • 33%
    HeftyHandy - Brakpan

    Nr 8 Grobler straat Brenthurst Brakpan, Brakpan North. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    We do all steelworks,   all house and company maintinance,   carports,   security cameras, electric fencing,   installation of gate motors, from leaking taps to...

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  • 33%
    Angel Electronics - Brakpan

    Dalview Dalview. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Our vast knowledge of products and knowledge will allow us to give you unbiased trustworthy advise, Based on the East Rand  with a nationwide footprint,...

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  • 32%
    Datamatrix Education & Training - Brakpan

    27 Hendrik Potgieter Street Dalview. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Thank you for your interest in DATAMATRIX. Utilizing our services will mean that you comply with the General Safety Regulations 3 (4) of the Occupational Health...

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  • 32%
    safety 4 u - Brakpan

    lemmer drive. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1540 Show phone number

    Solar smash and grab is a safety film that helps to protect you and your vehicle against the harmful sun. Because we enjoy what we do, our quality is the best!....

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  • 30%
    K.E.J - Brakpan

    . Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    We do the following sandblasting and spray painting ON SITE:. CLEANING CHEMICALS. * STEEL CONSTRUCTION. * CARPORTS. * SLIDING & SWING GATES. * PALISADE FENCING....

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  • 29%
    Solar Gateway Africa ( Pty) Ltd. - Brakpan

    Shop No.4 46 Glamorgan Avenue Dalview. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1544 Show phone number

    Toprovide the best service and solutions with integrity and sound business principlesLeaders in sales, installation and maintenance solar powered SABS approved...

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  • 29%
    Ambusave Academy - Brakpan

    16 Nossob Street Dalpark Ext 13. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1540 Show phone number

    Ambusave Academy offers training in all aspects as required by legislation.Specialisd services included in our product offering include training, trauma...

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  • 29%
    Appelcryn and Associates - Brakpan

    37 Bertie Meyer Cresent Minnebron. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1549 Show phone number

    We. in Minnebron. and Associates cc is a professional company based. offer the following Services:. Appelcryn. Gauteng.

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  • 29%
    labour Law Suppliers - Brakpan

    3 Oberholzer str. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Labour Law suppliers are the suppliers of 20 different labour act wall charts. Ridge truck. Health & Safety rep.Labour Law Suppliers are registered at TETA do do...

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  • 29%

    Brenthurst Post Office, Brenthurst. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541

    Good Day We are a fully registered and certified loan agency, based in SA , that offers secured and unsecured loans at the cheapest rate to interested individuals...

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  • 29%
    REMA TIP TOP SOUTH AFRICA (Pty) Ltd - Brakpan

    2 Uranium Street, Vulcania. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1540 Show phone number

    At Rema Tip Top We offer a variaty of rubber compounds for application in the mining & chemical industry with international technical expertise if required.With our...

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  • 29%
    Education Classroom Surveillance - Brakpan

    Joubert Str Brenthurst. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1544 Show phone number

    Education – Classroom – SurveillanceThe Education Classroom Surveillance (ECS) product wascreated for the Educational department by Teachers and Parents.This ECS...

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  • Are you worried about safety at home or work? Find out the top security companies in Brakpan

    The worrying rate of crime in Brakpan in increasingly pushing people to hire residential security and other services. Recent reports and articles on security show that only about 58% of population feel secure only with the police work. Indeed, the amount of money spent by particular in their own security is higher than the whole police budget.

    We know how important is to feel safe and prevent your loved ones from crime. Fortunately, there are many security agencies in Brakpan offering a great variety of services like close protection, event security or security guard services among many others. Also, they can provide you with the best home security equipment like security alarms, security cameras and monitoring.

    At Infoisinfo we want to help you to feel secure and that is why we offer you some tips.

    Home security tips to keep in mind in Brakpan

    1. Change the locks when you buy a new house and in case of losing the keys.
    2. Monthly check your alarm system and always set it up even if you are out only for few minutes to go to somewhere close.
    3. Make your house constantly looks as if it was occupied.
    4. Install motion detecting lights at the entrance.
    5. Count on a security consultant to get advice and custom security services for your property.
    6. If there is something that hinder the viewing from your house and entrance, try to remove it. Tall bushes and other decorative elements in your garden may be the perfect hiding place for thieves.
    7. When buying an alarm, consider those which are directly linked to a security patrol.

    Where to find the best security companies in Brakpansecurity cam,eras monitoring

    At Infoisinfo we work to ease your searching of the best products and services. As we care about your safety, we have prepared a list of the best security companies in Brakpan. This way, you will be able to easily find security officer companies or the best place to buy wireless burglar alarm for home. Also, if you are running a business, you could hire bodyguard services, security companies for events or building security, for example. Contact details such as phone numbers, websites, opening hours or address are available, as well as comments and valuations from other clients.