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The 10 Best Steel Manufacturers in Brakpan

  • 1 - 50%
    BG Scrap Metals - Brakpan

    20 DENNE ROAD VULCANIA. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1554 Show phone number

    BG Scrap Metals is a licensed scrap metal dealer and a registered recycle organisation with credited documentation from the Metal Recycling Association (MRA) as well...

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  • 2 - 46%

    15 MILNER AVE. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Austek Engineering is a company that does Fabrications and Installation of Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Pipework for the Food,Beverage And...

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  • 3 - 40%
    Grind Right Engineering - Brakpan

    Cnr, Joule & Newton Road. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1546 Show phone number

    Grind Right Engineering (Pty) Ltd. was established in 2005.Grind Right Engineering is situated in Middelburg, maintenance, Surveys  and. Right Engineering must...

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  • 4 - 38%
    Desirees Industrial And Service Supplies - Brakpan

    53 GARDINER AVENUE. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    DESIREE'S INDUSTRIAL & SERVICE SUPPLIESDesiree's Industrial was established in 2006. The C.E.O has a open door policy to both staff and customers. Our motto is You...

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  • 5 - 33%
    Dico Engineering And Fabrication - Brakpan

    Valcania Milne cnr Denne. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    RE:COMPANY INTRODUCTION LETTER. DIRK JOUBERTLOURENS SMIT. DICO ENGINEERING AND FABRICATION. Yours Sincerely. We thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves...

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  • 6 - 30%
    K.E.J - Brakpan

    . Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    We do the following sandblasting and spray painting ON SITE:. CLEANING CHEMICALS. * STEEL CONSTRUCTION. * CARPORTS. * SLIDING & SWING GATES. * PALISADE FENCING....

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  • 7 - 29%
    Dryad Home Repair - Brakpan

    9 Bacher St, Brakpan North. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    We do all kinds of home maintenance and repair.We specialise in steel and wood work.Family business, with a focus on quality.

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  • 8 - 29%
    Crane Worx - Brakpan

    2a 1 Uranuim rd Vulcania Ind. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    We as a Company are there to fulfill the requirements of our customers with regards to all electromechanical and material handeling so that we limit...

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  • 9 - 29%
    Sms Steel - Brakpan

    6 Molecule Road Vulcania. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    The SMS Steel management team, have over 60 years of collective experience in the steel industry, and we are one of the largest Flange manufacturers in Gauteng,...

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  • 10 - 29%
    Adk Projects - Brakpan

    14 Coert Steynberg Street Van Eck Park Ext 2. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel tanks, processing systems and equipment for a number of specialized industries including. Using state of the art...

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  • 25%
    Lanner Hydraulics & Foundry Works CC - Brakpan

    137 Hamilton Ave. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1544 Show phone number


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  • 25%
    Balustrade Boyz - Brakpan

    160 Queens Ave. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1540 Show phone number

    Balustrade Boyz manufacturers and installs superb stainless steel balustrading. At Balustrade Boyz the company owner is on site from the beginning to the end of...

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  • 25%
    Modern Metal Creations - Brakpan

    138 Queens Avenue. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1540 Show phone number

    Modern Metal Creations was established with the vision of becoming a formidable force in the one stop turnkey project environment. We are committed to empowering...

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  • 25%
    Codee Engineering - Brakpan

    Shop BF4 115 Porter Road. Brakpan. Gauteng. Show phone number

    During our time serving the industry we have mastered most of the disciplines involved in the construction industry.

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  • 25%
    Genesis Steel (Pty) Ltd - Brakpan

    , Vulcania. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1554 Show phone number

    GENESIS STEEL (PTY) LTD.Suppliers of steel flat products. Our focus on service has resulted in a reputation for reliablity. Genesis Steel stocks a comprhensive range...

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  • 25%
    Angleweld Engineering - Brakpan

    2 WANDERERS ST. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Angleweld value customer relations ,service and a quality product as of utmost importance ,therefor a 20 year track record in supplying Multotec Process...

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  • 25%
    Cosira Group - Brakpan

    N 8 12th Road Vulcania South Ext 2. Brakpan. Gauteng. Show phone number

    The Cosira Group’s philosophy embraces a commitment to investing in the latest technology and equipment to increase efficiency and to minimise risk.

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  • 25%
    Jondec - Brakpan

    25 de kock street vulcania. Brakpan. Gauteng. Show phone number

    JONDEC cc specializes in Powder Coating. Due to our service and that we do Chemical Stripping and Sandblasting of Powder Coated Materials thereby leaving the...

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  • 25%
    DU PREEZ STEEL - Brakpan

    67 HOSKING STR BRENTHURST BRAKPAN. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number


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  • 25%
    Vulcania Reinforcing - Brakpan

    19 Molecule Road. Brakpan. Gauteng. Show phone number

    Vulcania Reinforcing is a leading manufacturer of engineered steel and reinforcing products serving the construction, mining and associated industries.

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  • 25%
    Angleweld Engineering CC - Brakpan

    2 Wanderers Brakpan, Escombe, Brakpan North. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Our motto that (1) Quality (2) Delivery Accuracy (3) Price is negotiable. We have more than 25 years in the Steel Industry, Skilled workers.

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  • 24%
    PVS Cutting - Brakpan

    1 uranium road, Vulcania. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Profile cutting Plasma cutting Laser Cutting Rolling and Bending

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  • 22%
    Rotavent SA (Pty) Ltd - Brakpan

    164b Queen Avenue. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

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  • 22%
    Adk Projects And Fabrication - Brakpan

    UNIT 15. Brakpan. Gauteng. 1541 Show phone number

    Stainless steel fabricators for the food industry.

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  • 21%
    Excellent Spitbraais - Brakpan

    . Brakpan. Gauteng. 1540 Show phone number

    We manufacture all kinds of Stainless Steel Products, Mini-), Medium / Catering -, Gas Spitbraai's (Sheep -, also Stainless Steel Charcoal Braai's as well as...

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  • Do you need to buy new material contruction for your projects? Find the best steel contractor in Brakpan

    Steel has very interesting advantages that you may need for your construction project or any other fabrication. There are plenty of professionals keen to provide you with any steel material you might need, from structural steel, steel gales, steel beams or steel angles. The best steel fabrication companies in Brakpan will also provide you with standard or stainless steel pipes, for example.

    Why to use steel instead of other structural materialsconstruction made of structural steel

    • Cost: if you are a bit worried about how much steel fabrication costs, you should know that it is one of the most competitive markets among all metal fabrication. This means a good price for costumers. Moreover, the cost has fallen since 1980. The price of steel will obviously depends on whether you order stainless steel , galvarized steel or standard one.
    • Steel structures, due to the accuracy of steel components, allows a rapid construction. This leads too save costs and interest charges linked to reduction of the disruption for nearby areas.
    • Structural steelwork are long lasting and they don’t aged as quick as other materials.
    • It is a very versatile material.
    • It is suistainable: as it is long lasting it doesn’t produce wastes as other materials. Also, it can be re-used over and over again without lacking quality. This makes steel one of the most peffered construction materials.

    How can I contact with the best steel fabrication companies in Brakpan?

    At Infoisinfo we want to help you to get in touch with the best steel manufacturers, either structural steel fabricators or steel for other uses, for example perforated stainless steeal to fabric kitchen tools. For this reason, we’ve prepared a very complete list with contact information of the best steel suppliers in Brakpan. In addition, you will find comments and valuations from former clients.